Postnatal classes

You can start this programme anytime after your 6 week check by your GP.

The FitBack and Bumps postnatal course is a 4 session educational exercise programme designed to give you all the information you need to regain your flat tummy and fitness after pregnancy and birth. Specifically it will help you to regain a flat stomach, improve core function and develop your pelvic floor muscles to reduce the incidence of stress incontinence. Each postnatal session lasts for 1 hour and incorporates educational components with Pilates style exercises to activate your core and postural muscles.

The FitBack & Bumps exercises cards and information booklets are supplied so you can continue your exercises at home or at the gym.

Benefits of the Postnatal Exercise Classes:

  • Your abdominals will be checked for any separation
  • Alleviate pelvic and back pain
  • Hasten recovery following the birth of your baby
  • Reduced incidence of stress incontinence
  • Flatten your tummy after having your baby and regain abdominal tone and function
  • Strengthen your core before returning to other forms of exercise
  • Meet other new mums and exercise together.

Who would be suitable to attend the Postnatal Programmes?

  • Individuals who have been suffering with aches and pains during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby
  • Individuals interested in a faster recovery after the birth
  • Individuals wanting to regain their flat tummy post birth

What people are saying...

"Very informative and fun class"

"Tanya has a wealth of knowledge"

"Helped a great deal with back pain"

"A really useful class"

"Highly recommended"

"The classes have helped me a great deal"